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Quadrant was the first game Outer Orbit worked on as a team. During the project however, Outer Orbit was not yet formed, and was developed under a previous studio name. The game was greenlit thanks to the support of the Steam Greenlight community. Divided into chapters, Quadrant had been in released as a Season Pass on Steam, with each chapter becoming available as soon as they were finished. The game is now completed in-full, and available to download on the Steam store.


The year is 1979. A secret, final lunar mission has retrieved hundreds of moon rocks, carried out by order of high-level overseers at the Aether Research Facility. The more we begin to understand about our universe, the more deadly it becomes. Overtaken by curiosity, researchers delve deeper and deeper into the unknown, only to find what we think we understand about the cosmos, is terribly incorrect. The research and experiments reach a tipping point, specimens begin to escape, and researchers scramble to leave the secret base. Most leave unscathed, while others lose their lives in an attempt to flee from the deadly forces that lie within.

In the panic, fear, and confusion of countless emergency distress signal codes, help is requested.

The distress signal is unintentionally received by the government's haz-mat cleanup division. A small team of three is sent to carry out what they believe to be a simple routine clean-up. They are sorely mistaken.

What lies within the facility becomes increasingly darker the deeper one pursues the truth.


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